Confession: I Love Lamps

I confess: I have a mild lamp obsession.  I just think lamps are the perfect little things to brighten up a room because I refuse to use overhead lights.  My mom always taught me to use lamps in order to avoid the harsh, unflattering glare of an overhead light, and to make things just a little bit cozier.  This has stuck with me, and I have somehow managed to find a home for 11 of my lamps in my 1 bedroom apartment (the 3 or 4 remaining weren’t so lucky and had to be donated or are sitting shadeless behind a screen).  Some of my favorite unexpected places to put lamps are in the kitchen, in the bathroom and on a bookshelf. 


I found this little gem at a thrift store for $12 a few weeks ago.  The last thing I need is another lamp, but I couldn’t resist!  Milk glass is pretty traditional, but I knew I could add a fun lampshade to it to modernize it.  Unfortunately, I found the perfect lamp shade at World Market, and as soon as I brought it home I realized the halo in the lampshade was too big for the lamp.  The lampshade slipped all the way down and was resting crookedly on the switch!  I knew I really wanted to use this lamp shade because the color was perfect, so I looked and looked for a sizer of some sort to fatten up the lamp, but to no avail.  Then last night it dawned on me…use rubber bands!  I got two fat rubber bands and looped them around twice, one on top of the other.  They provided just the perfect amount of girth to the lamp, so now the lampshade fits snugly!


This cute, girly, milk glass lamp fits perfectly in my bathroom, and I think the pink shade pops against the white walls (and it looks great next to my framed Kate Spade post card).  After weeks of waiting, my lamp is finally functional and I couldn’t be happier.

Katie Vail
Katie Vail

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  1. November 18, 2013 / 12:27 am

    Cute lamp and shade! You make me proud!

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