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Here is a little dash of lovely for your Saturday afternoon.  I’ve been an orchid lover for a couple of years now, and always have at least 2 in my apartment (so easy to care for which is important because I have a black thumb when it comes to house plants).  This pretty one is from Trader Joe’s and I bought it about 2 months ago because it had a ton of tiny little buds that I knew would be beautiful once they opened up.  I’d never seen an orchid with so many buds!  Normally I see orchids at stores that have 10 or so buds, but this one had well over 30.  As I was tidying up my apartment this morning I noticed just how gorgeous it is right now and I had to take a few pictures.  It’s nice to see some new life after watching all the trees lose their leaves as it gets colder and colder outside.  What helps to brighten your day when it’s freezing outside?

Katie Vail
Katie Vail

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