Gold Rush

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a mild gold obsession right now.  Gold, brass, it’s all good to me.  The brass that is popular now is not like the brass that was popular in the 80’s and early 90’s.  It’s a muted and brushed brass, rather than garish and shiny (in a bad way).  I recently bought a new dining room table because my previous table was 7 inches too wide, and didn’t leave room for barstools.  This was the old table:

It was from Ikea and served me well for 4 years.  It simply was too wide to fit in my tiny apartment.  I normally go for pieces that are old and tell a story, but the shiny legs and the sleek, clean lines of this marble topped beauty from Paola Navone’s line at Crate and Barrel really caught my eye:

 The legs are silver, but luckily I love to pair gold and silver!  I decorated it with a mixture of glass and brass candlesticks from CB2, and a hurricane and votive holders from Crate and Barrel.  The different heights add dimension, and add some nice ambiance at dinner time.  My mom and grandmother bought me this table runner when they visited me this past week, and the pumpkins give it a nice fall feeling.  The final touch are these antique salt and pepper shakers that were my great-great aunt’s that she hand painted with 14k gold paint. 
In love with this new table!  The rug it’s on is the rug I bought in Afghanistan.  Great huh?

The gold adds warmth to the cool marble top. 

The antique salt and pepper shakers.  I love mixing old and new.

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