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I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but just now mustered the courage to start one.  I am a West Point grad and I’m currently serving as an officer in the Army.  Needless to say, there is not much room for creativity in this profession and I needed an outlet to share my passion for the things that are important in my life.  My true loves are interior design, fashion, cooking, entertaining, running and traveling.  I grew up watching my mother and my grandmother collect treasures and decorate their homes.  By observing them, I learned how to make a house homey, inviting and comfortable.  They taught me to collect things while traveling, whether it’s a painting from a street vendor in Rome, Italy, or a woodcarving from Garmisch, Germany.  I lived in Hawaii for three years after I graduated from college, and I acquired lots of beautiful paintings of beaches and the gorgeous pink Royal Hawaiian hotel.  I also deployed to Afghanistan where I was able to buy a stunning handmade silk Afghan carpet.  I’ve collected bits and pieces along the way, and I love having a home that looks collected, eclectic and colorful.  I believe that a little dash of whimsy keeps a room from looking too serious, and you’ll find bits and pieces scattered throughout my apartment and any project I work on.

Katie Vail
Katie Vail

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